Friendship Rehabilitation & Recovery - A Transition From Hospital to Home

The Select Rehab team at Mennonite Friendship Communities is committed to providing individualized programs to meet each guests’ needs with outstanding results and excellent quality of care. All guests are empowered to meet and exceed goals in order to maximize their safety and independence.

Physical therapy

The goal of physical therapy is to maximize function and independence. Physical therapists work with individuals to prevent mobility loss by developing programs for healthier and more active lifestyles. Through careful evaluation and planning, individual programs are developed, which include:

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on maximizing independence in functional daily living skills. They develop customized plans and objectives to address not only self care, but also vocational and leisure goals. OT begins with an evaluation and a program is established with consideration for individual goals and needs, including:

Speech/language pathology

Speech therapy assists in relearning communication through speaking, reading or writing. It also helps those who have difficulty swallowing or those who have memory problems. The speech therapy program will focus on maximizing communication, assist with memory problems and improve swallowing skills through individual plan:

Call or email Carmen for any questions or to initiate a recovery plan to follow your hospital stay.

The Select Rehab team at Mennonite Friendship Communities has extensive experience in caring for the senior population. The focus of the care is on facilitating our residents to return to their highest practical functional level, including – whenever possible – discharge to home. Services integrate nursing care, therapy, activities, dietary and other departments to enhance the independence of each guest.