Mennonite Friendship Communities (MFC) is pleased to announce that we are working with Interfaith Housing and Community Services on a project to bring more income eligible housing for seniors to South Hutchinson. 

In 2006, Friendship Place was added to MFC in order to reach a population that was new to the campus.  Twenty units were placed in a program that provided eligibility to those persons who were not able to locate market rate units that were a good fit for them.  The Friendship Place units have been very successful to date and we have a long waiting list for persons seeking this type of housing.

With a long waiting list, we sought out Interfaith as a good partner to look into the possibility of more income eligible senior housing in South Hutchinson and they were very interested in pursuing this project.  Interfaith, which has knowledge and experience in the income-eligible housing arena, is pursuing the current 20 units that are located on the MFC campus, and will also be acquiring some land along the east side of our campus and will be building 24 more income eligible units at this location.  Interfaith is seeking funds through the Kansas Housing Resource Corporation to be able to fulfill the expectations of this project.

There will be several deadlines throughout the process where approvals must be made, and the final outcome of the funding will not be known until July 2024.  The guidelines for this type of housing are very complicated and it is best to have an entity overseeing the project that has experience and an expertise in this arena. 

The residents in the current 20 units of Friendship Place will be grandfathered in with the same access to MFC campus amenities that they have had for the past 17 years.  They are a part of our campus family. 

If you have further questions you are welcome to call Dawn Veh, executive director at Mennonite Friendship Communities, at 620-663-7175.