Fund a Bus, Take a Ride

About the bus: The proposed bus from Collins is a 14-passenger bus that is a new concept. Instead of the standard floor height, this bus is a low-floor model that has a roll-on ramp. This bus does not have the high steps that are often difficult for residents to navigate.


Why this project is important: The current bus at mfc is aged and limits outings for residents who would love to visit places. Residents in our nursing home are now more robust and would like to do things like go out to eat, go shopping and attend community events.


How will a new bus help? The new 14-passenger will do the following:

• Improve safety with a ramp that is easier access to the cabin of the bus;

• Reduce staffing requirements by using a ramp instead of a lift.

• With that, we would be able to serve bariatric (heavier) residents and guests more safely and efficiently.

MFC residents could go on more activities through a more reliable and comfortable bus.

MFC can schedule more spontaneous outings if they know the bus is easier to navigate and reliable. They can take a group of residents to Sonic Happy Hour or anything along those lines.

• Staff can potentially reduce the number of daily trips to the medical complex because more residents can be on the bus with less staff.

• This would improve our transportation experience for residents and guests.


Any other questions? Contact Lowell Peachey via email or at 663-7175.



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